The Khatt Items Wizard Hat Pendant Lamp Shade has two different methods of production: the first method is a 3D print in ceramic material (about 6 mm thick) and the second is a 3D print in pla ( about 3 mm thick material).

The advantage of ceramic material is that is sufficient heat resistant. It loos and feels like real ceramic.The disadvantage is that design options are limited and production is more costly than a pla print. The only disadvatage of the pla is that it is a so called thermoplastic. It deforms with heat. So the lightbulbs with pla shades must produce as little as possible heat. When this precausion is taken the pla shade may function just fine. All this is the complete responsability of the customer. Khatt Items assumes no responsibility whatsoever in this matter. By the way, the base material for 3d thermoplastic material called abs is more heat resistant than pla. However, abs has a limited range of colors.

The outside measurements of the Wizard Hat are: height around 160 mm, width has a diameter of 110 mm.