Khatt Items Type Chairs are designed to be transported as flat pack and to be assembled by the customer. The Type Chairs come in a number of design varieties, but all are cut out of flat panel material. The standard materials are : 30 mm ply wood, 6 mm ply wood or High Pressure Laminate (HPL) or any other suitable synthetic panel material. There is also a variety in 4 or 3 mm aluminum or 2 mm stainless steel.

The method of manufacturing depends on the design and on the material selected. A choice can be made between cnc routing, waterjet- or laser cutting.
Customized typographic additions to the basic design play -as always- an important role. The choice of fonts for these additions are in principle free, but we recommend to use the Khatt Items fonts that are specifically designed for cnc production.

A number of geometric ornamental designs are available next to the customisable typographic variations.