Cemeteries used to be places were time had come to a standstill. Tradition and honed craftsmanship gave these places the sense of a homogeneous, separated territory far away from every day life. No longer. Individualism has won over conformation to centuries long tradition everywhere. Fashion and style have entered the cemeteries in some parts of the Western world. Regrettably, often at the cost of traditional craftsmanship, that was replaced by cheap and amateurish customizing.

Khatt Items Tombstones tries to counter these developments by on the one hand keeping tradition alive and on the other hand to bring production methods up to date. For instance, by developing typefaces specifically designed for cnc machining. Text is an essential ingredient for the production of tombstones, yet the design of typefaces specifically for this purpose hardly exists which is in bizarre contrast with the unstoppable tsunami of typeface designs made for print or screen.