The Tissue (Kleenex) Boxes can hold a standard 230 x 115 x 70 mm tissue box. The standard version has a sliding flat lid to open en close the box underneath. On top there  an opening for the tissues of 150 x 20 mm. The outsid sizes of the box are 245 x 130 x 85 mm. Standard material is 6mm white solid surface, like Corian or Hi Macs. The production method is cnc routing.

Standard, edges will be bevelled, but all corners (except at the bottom) can have a slight round radius as well.

The box will be shipped assembled and will take therefore some space. An alternative production method is use of the cuff hook production method and make panels in the require size to hold the standard size tissue boxes.

The material thickness can be reduced to 3 mm. (3mm Acrylic, for instance). In this case the assembly will be done by the customer and the shipping box will be considerably smaller.