Khatt Items Text Stools may also function as side tables. This category is in effect an extension of the Khatt Items Stools series.

The design consists of three elements that can easily be put together by the customer. The advantage is that the product can be transported as a ‘flat pack’

The standard size of the text stools is 350 x 450 mm, and a slightly slimmer version of 300 x 450 mm. Size adjustments are easy to realize.

Materials may vary from 6-12 mm plywood, synthetic, or solid surface panel material. These materials can be cnc routed. A version in metal, for instance 3-4 mm aluminum or stainless steel is also an option. In this case the material will be lasercut.

Mixing materials can also create interesting combinations. A top of glass or stone is an option or the use of a thicker material for the top panel or a different colour.

Typographic or geometric ornamentation is standard part of the design. Khatt Items offers a collection of cnc typefaces specifically designed to use for typographic ornamentation.