Khatt Items Tables are designed in two variations: first one made of aluminum with a circular table top and one that will be delivered as a wooden frame of eight elements that can be put together easily by the customer to create a rectangular frame. For both designs, ease of transportation were important design constrains.

The table design of the circular table top has three parts: a circular foot, a tubular leg and a circular top. The three elements can easily be assembled together with two screws. The standard measurements are: 700 x 8 – 10 mm for the top panel 500 x 8 – 10 mm for the foot and the tube will have a diameter of 80 mm and a length of 650 mm. Obviously, the shape and the size of these elements can be customized. Typographic or geometric decorations can produced either by laser- or by waterjet cutting.

The wooden frame for a rectangular table will create a table with the outside measurements of 750 x 1500 x 750 mm. The avoid large transportation costs the customer can other the top panel of the table locally. This top panel can be of any material of choice: like glass, laminated mdf, or solid wood. The given measurements of the frame are standard but can be customized to meet the measurements of the top panel.