Khatt Items Stool designs are available in a few design variations. First, there is the modular lasercut version that is based on a simple 360 x 360 x 505 mm rectangular ‘box’ made from finger joint 6 mm plywood panels, or alternatively made from synthetic panel material. Each stool can be made with ‘flipped inside corner’ of a different size following a modular grid.

The second design variation is based on a cnc routed four panel construction that can be put together easily by the customer. The measurements of this stool are about 380 x 380 x 480 mm. Materials can be 6 -12 mm ply wood or high density laminate HDL.

The third design variation has a triangular base. The construction of this type of stool is either with a traditionally glued connection or with a ‘zipper-like’ hook cuff connection. The last version can be transported as a flat pack and assembeld easily by the customer. The method of manufacturing is cnc routing. Materials are the same as for the second design variation.

Customised typographic decorations are part of the designs. A number of geometric ornamental designs are made next to the customisable typographic variations.