The Stackeable Stuff Boxes are fabricated with a 3D printer which allows for a large variety of materials and colours to print with. The design is specifically made for ABS or PLA print.

Stl files with the words: STUFF, TRUC, MATERIAUX and the Chinese translation of the word ‘stuff’ are available. The standard size for the ‘STUFF’ box is   x    x   . The wall thickness for that size is about 3 mm.

Models using one of the words mentioned above can quite easily be customised with a word or a name. The specification of a different size or colours is simple but may have considerable price efects in the production costs.

In this case, no stl production file will be delivered but the finished product through a 3D printing house.

It is also possible to design a box with a different word than the ones available. Please contact Khattitems to discuss these matters.