The Square Vase is standard produced with 12 mm white Solid Surface material, like Corian or hiMacs.
The thickness of the material allows for sculpting the vase walls without the immediate risk of piercing through those walls.

The standard size is 120 x 120 x 180 mm and the XL standard is 150 x 150 x 240 mm. The edges are standard 6 mm bevelled. The alternative edge is 12 mm rounded, which is lightly more difficult to produce.
The circular flower opening on top can be specified in two different diameters: one ‘multi flower’ which has a diameter of 50% of the width of the vase and a ‘single flower’ opening which has an opening of 25 mm.

The standard edge of the opening is 9 mm bevelled. At some additional cost the flower opening can also be given a 12 mm thick collar. On the picture on the left the different collar options are shown. An extra variety (not shown) is to stack more of the same collars on top of each other creating a neck of various length.

The standard typeface for the text is the Pyramides pos (embossed) or Pyramides neg (debossed).