Khatt Items Signage is the most accessible way to bring text (or other graphics) into the environment. Signage helps us to find our way around, without it we would get easily lost. Smartphones have made some type of signage redundant, but certainly not entirely.

Signage does not only helps us by showing the way or providing us with necessary instructions along the road, it also helps to create a specific visual flavor to an environment that will help to give it an identity. A sense of place, That part cannot be taken over by smart phones.

The current production methods for manufacturing text to be used in the environment are vinyl, laser, and waterjet cutting machines. These production methods are the most used. (Automated)engraving used to be an important technology, but is now replaced by cnc routing.

Khatt Items has developed a number of fonts specifically designed for cnc cutting and routing. For cutting, it is the Cnc Manama, Cnc New York, Cnc Sofia, Cnc Zebra, and other stencil fonts and for cnc machining it is the Cnc Pyramides font. Most fonts can be used for the Latin as well as the Arabic script.