Khatt Items Sideboards are designed in such a way that they can be dispatched as flat packs and easily assembled by the customer. There is a choice between two different basic panel connections: one with four ‘fingers’ on each panel and one with the cuff hook ‘zipper’ connection.

The sideboard can be ordered as a single cabinet or as a combined two or three cabinet version. The standard measurement of a single cabinet is 750 x 420 x 622 mm. The standard panel material thickness is 6 mm. A very suitable material choice is high pressure laminate HPL that is available in many different surface colours. The core of this material is always dark brown. Ply wood or solid surface panels are also material options to specify.

The cabinets can be ordered with or without a door. The standard door size is 600 x 600 x 3 mm. The material of the doors may be different than the rest, like for instance aluminum or solid surface material. The reduced material thickness of 3 mm makes it easier to incorporate typographic or geometric decorations into the doors. The doors come with two 3D printed plastic hinges that can be printed in the colours available at the time of ordering with the producer.

There is the option to order the sideboards without ‘feet’ in order to put roller casters as feet on the bottom panel, so the sideboards can be moved easily. Sideboards with more than one cabinet unit will have to be produced with a separate support in the middle.