The Shark Teeth Boxes are fabricated with a 3D printer which allows for a large variety of materials and colours to print with. The design is specifically made for printing ceramics.

Printing ceramics is relatively inexpensive and looks much like regular ceramics. The scope of use is also comparable. There is one disadvantage, the printing is not very precise and has some limitations. One of these limitations is that fitting pieces together (like a lid over a jar) is difficult caused by the lack of precision in the fabrication process.

To remedy this limitation, the ‘shark teeth’ connection was invented. Lack of precision is not in the way to let de top part match nicely with the part thereunder. The teeth will guide each part precisely to the ‘right’ spot were the parts are locked and can no longer move sideways.

This construction principle allows for a large array of possible applications. The ‘teeth’ can be smal, short, wide, long, sharp or rounded. They will function in all circumstances.

For this application there is no standard size. A ceramic print is relatively economic, but beware that 3D printing is still a rather costly way of fabricating. Moreover, most printing machines only allow for a minimum and a maximum size.

These sizes are calculated by mulltiplying the length (in mm) first with the width and finally with the height of an object. The outcome of this calcutation has to be between 120 and 400 mm.