Khatt Items Screens are designed to be easily taken apart (and put together) and stored away. The amount of panels for each screen is free. Obviously any configuration of panels has to be arranged in such a way that it stands firm on its own or is secured otherwise.

The way the panels are connected varies: there is one option that has connectors with a fixed angle place on top and bottom of the screen. Another variety links each panel to the other with cuff hooks, like a zipper. The round panels are hold in place by metal wires.

As a choice of material for the screens Khatt Items suggest 6 – 30 mm ply wood, 3 – 4 mm aluminum 6 mm (foam) synthetic panel material. The use of the fixed-angle connectors on top and bottom require higher stiffness of the individual panels than the zip-connectors that support each other over the full length.amount of panels transported as flat pack and be assembled by the customer. The design comes in a number of varieties, but all are cut out of panel material. The standard materials are : 30 mm ply wood, 6 mm ply wood or High Pressure Laminate (HPL) or any other suitable synthetic panel material. There is also a variety in 4 or 3 mm aluminum or 2 mm stainless steel.

The standard size for the flat panel screens are 600 x 1800 mm. For the round screen an industry panel size standard can be used, like 1220 x 2440 mm.

The type of manufacturing depends on the design and the type of material selected. A choice can be made between cnc routing, waterjet- or laser cutting.
Decoration can be typographic, geometric or even illustrative. In any occasion, all decoration needs to be like stencils, that is to say there can be no unconnected inner shapes, because these will fall out after they are cut out of the surface.