3D printing is also for the Khatt Items rings the production method of choice.

Casting in metal will still be costly, but the relatively small mass of a ring will render it affordable. For smaller budgets there are a number of different plastics available for 3D print in a limited array of colours.

Lasercut plastic is also an option, although acrylic is brittle. For lasercutting it is best to produce a bangle and a few rings together in one order.

Khatt Items has developed special typefaces for 3D printed rings. A sample of one of these typefaces, the ‘Cnc Incise’ is shown in the picture on the left. Other Khatt Item typefaces are the ‘Cnc Manama‘, ‘Pyramides’, Cnc New York, Cnc Sofia, Cnc Toronto Outlines, Cnc Perth, Cnc Cairo Square Kufic, Cnc FDM are also suitable for ring designs.

For the Khatt Items rings there are also a few ‘design templates’ available that can be customised in ring thickness, height and detail. The precise inner diameter of the ring is essential for its functionality.