Khatt Items Ring Bowls and Vases are based on the construction concept that cnc routed concentric strips cut out of panel material can be used to build a bowl or a vase (or any other product of your imagination). The type of materials to be used for this method of production is limited. The type of material selected must be inert that is to say not change shape over time or caused by different levels of humidity in its environment, for instance. Solid surface material is a good example of a suitable choice of material.

In principle the design selected can be shipped flat and assembled by the customer. The parts can be assembled in different ways, so the design can be customized until the very end.

On this page the method of production is shown. First, (image on top) the selected basic design is cut out of a panel material (in two different colours) of choice. The image underneath illustrates how these concentric ‘rings’ of different size and shape will look when put into their imaginary position in space. The bottom image shows how these ring-strips hold each other nicely together to shape a bowl.

The design variations that make use of this construction principle are endless.