The public art project is confined to the 20,000 sq foot park that will be constructed on the Elizabeth Parker Plaza in Downtown New York. The art project will be financed by the ‘percent for Art’ arrangements. The art project has a clearly defined theme: it must be functional to commemorate the literary heritage of the writers, poets and thinkers that lived in this area at the beginning of the previous century. During that period in time, this area was know by the name of ‘Little Syria’.

The Department of Parks is the principal of the project and has only committed itself to pay for proposals that would involve engraving along the “blue stone pathway”. The winning artist is expected to deliver only the artwork, the supervision and the costs related to the execution of the design are the responsibility of others. However, this department would also consider other proposals under the provision that the Washington Street Historical Society would provide additional funding for the realisation of these proposals. The historical society will participate in the artists selection and in the realisation of the project afterwards. The society is not looking for a traditional hagiographic monument. In its additional letter to the artists the society points out that it would like to receive proposals with different levels of scope that could be negotiated after the selection of the winner.

The legacy of the artists to commemorate is expressed without exception in written text. The proposal is to cite as much as possible of their original work in two languages English and Arabic. Not limiting ourselves to quotes or short strophes of each author, but instead provide an anthology of their work.