The Plate is standard produced with 12 mm white Solid Surface material, like Corian or hiMacs.
The thickness of the material allows for sculpting the plate walls without the immediate risk of piercing through surface. There is also a typographic variation that deliberately cuts through the surface of the edge. The edges of the individual letters of this ‘stencil’ variation may have a small bevelled edge.

The production method for the plates is cnc routing. The profile of the plate will also be part of the routing process.
The standard typefaces for the text is the Pyramides pos (embossed) or Pyramides neg (debossed) and the stencil font the cnc Manama.

The standard diameter of the plate is 210 mm. There is two different type of edges: one that is 45 mm wide and one that is 60 mm wide. The part of the plate olwer than the rest is respectively 120 mm and 90 mm in diameter.