Khatt Items Mystic Laterns are in principle lasercut out of metal or a heat resisting material.

The light source inside the laterns can be a candle or a light bulb.
The choice between one or the other has consequences for the material selection.
Some of today’s lightbulbs generate relatively little heat so the selected material in this case can be less heat resistant. For candles the heat resistance has to be maximal so a metal should be the material of choice.

The Mystic Laterns can also be cnc milled, but only in cases that heat resistance does not need to be maximal, since cnc milling works most economical for bigger sizes and softer materials.

There are basically no size constrains, also material thickness has a large freedom of choice as long as overall size and length of each panel are taking into consideration.

Decoration can be either geometrical or textual. The cnc fonts of Khatt Items are suitable for textural decoration.