Memorial monuments are intended to stay around for a very long time and will create a strong sense of a place. These monuments are written history put in the public sphere. A frozen and tangible manifestation in three dimension of the past. A place to reflex, commemorate and to contemplate.

Khatt Items Memorial Monuments focuses on the typography of these monuments and more specifically on the development of typefaces that are designed for 3D applications.

The intended long life of these structures makes durability an essential concern. Materials used must be able to withstand the test of time. In design there is not such a thing as ‘timelessness’, but a designer can choose to avoid design hypes. Those do exist and are very real.

Furthermore, it is important to realize that text on these monuments have quite different constraints than text for a newspaper for instance. The latter must be easy readable. The first must also have an important sculptural value. Text in a newspaper functions in an anonymus column. Easy accessibility to content is the first design concern. The material life of text is a newspaper is short. Text on a monument is in every aspect the opposite. It is type put on a pedestal. It must stay attractive for a very long time by its sculptural beauty or by drawing fascination through its shape.