The Khatt Items Hook Cuff Floor Shades are a bigger version of the Table Shades. They may also make use of laser technology. A laser beam cuts fast and precise through many plastics, Acrylic in particular. The disadantage of using plastics for lampshades is that the material is limited heat resistant.
Thin multiplex wood is another option to use as base material. It is more heat resistant but the lasercuts will color dark brown.

Finally, there is thin (0.5mm) metal. Heat resistance is no longer a consideration but production costs are much higher.

For larger sizes there is the option is to produce the hook cuffs with a cnc router.

Up to 400 mm height a base material of 3 mm thickness will be fine. For larger sizes a 6 or even a 9 mm thick material should be considered. The standard seize for 3 mm material is 225 x 117 x 117, which can be extended standard in height to 342 mm

Using 6 mm material the standard seize is 450 x 234 x 234 mm, with a standard extension to 684 mm.