Jewelry is a bit like clothing: each item must fit nicely. So the precise measurements of the parts of the body where the jewelry item is worn are important.

The measurement of the diameter of an item is the crucial size for most orders, especially for rigid items.

There are five different sizes which are related to a specific type of jewelry:
1. Head size for necklaces that do not have a locking mechanism and therefore must be put in place by pulling it over the head.
2. Neck size for a neckband or a small necklace.
3. Fingersize for a ring.
4. Pulse size for a wristband or a bracelet.
5. Fist size for a type of bracelet that has no clasping device. This type is often called a bangle.

The market for jewelry and jewelry components is huge. Jewelry items are the biggest portion of the online collections of 3D printing services. Professional jewelry designers and crafts peope are used to produce customised items. There is very much on offer to choose from.

Khatt Items positions itself in this large field by proposing a number of design principles that can be modified by the client in size, colour and detailing in order to create a real unique piece. Alternatively, these principles can simply be used as source of inspiration to order an item elsewhere or produce it oneself.