Fruit bowls store fruits in a visually attractive way. The Khatt Items Fruit Fence is to do the same in a minimalistic way. The ‘bowl’ has no bottom only four or three connected ‘fences’ to keep te fruits in place.

The Fruit fence will be produced with cnc technology. The basic material can either be wood or a solid surface. There are two basic shapes: a square one and a triangular one. The standard outside measurements will be around 320 x 320 x 120 mm. In wood the matreial thicknes will be 30 mm. In soldid surface 12 mm should suffice. The fences can be clued together in a secured way. This will ease delivery and storage.

The text on the sides can be customized. Standard the word: ‘fruits’ will appear. The standard typeface is the Pryramides font pos or neg.