Khatt Items Arabic Educative LetterPlay is a game with an educational purpose. The Arabic script is more complex than the Latin script, and needs a steeper learning curve to master. Both scripts are alphabetic and both have a comparable amount of basic characters. The difference is in the complexity of use of the basic array of individual characters and in the amount of exceptions to the rule.

A character in Arabic changes shape depending on its position in a word or in a sentence. There are in principle four basic shapes of each character: a freestanding form, an initial form (first letter of a word), a medial form (between two other characters), and a final form (at the end of a word). Regrettably, not all characters come in four different shapes which complicates the structure even further.

Khatt Items has developed a set of cubes where all the shape variations are put on the sides of the cubes. Each cube represents one individual character of the alphabet. By turning the cube in one direction all the different and available form variations of that character will appear. On the two remaining sides of the cube the name of the character appears in Latin on one side and in Arabic on the opposite site.

The purpose of the game is to compose words using the cubes and while doing so learn in a playful manner the way the different letter forms will be used within one word.

One basic set of cubes 40x (20 x 20 x 20 mm) is likely to be best 3D printed. For larger amounts or bigger sizes, cnc routing will become into the picture as production method either in wood or in solid surface material.