Doors of large cupboards may well serve as an extensive playground for verbal and typographic expression. There will be plenty of room to tell stories, write or cite poetry and to experiment with typographic presentation.

Large cupboards will blend nicely into the interior went made from floor to ceiling, creating a double or an extra wall. Doors can be either sliding doors or be hinged on top and bottom. The size of a single door of this kind of cupboards will be about 2300 x 600 mm, depending on the height of the ceiling.

Sliding doors can be relatively thin, as long as the material used is inert and doesn’t change shape. Mdf of 12 mm, HPL laminate of 6 mm, or 3 mm aluminum sheet panels will do fine. Hinged doors will need reinforcement on the side where the hinges will be.

The production method will depend on the material selected. Laser cutting for metal, or thin synthetic material, cnc routing for laminate or Mdf material. Waterjet cutting can be employed for all kind of material; even glass sheets.

The size of these elements can be customized. Typographic or geometric decorations can produced either by laser- or by waterjet cutting.