The Hook Cuff Boxes can be used to store valuables or memorabilia. The option to customise the individual panels makes it possible to create a gift box with a highly personal allure.

The Hook Cuff Boxes are designed to be cut out of plain panel material by laserbeam or waterjet. Production with laser is more economic, but it may discolour the edges of certain materials. The box wil be shipped as 6 separate panels that must be assembled into a box by the customer.

The standard size of the box is 120 x 120 x 120 mm and the standard material thickness is 3 mm. Acrylic material is ideal for lasercutting and comes in many colours. Polyacetal (POM) is also suitable and maybe used in smaller thickness. Metals, like stainless steel or bronze may also be applied  but are obviously more expensive.

It is possible to customise the size of the box. It is also possible to change the grid of the cuff hooks. The measurements of the standard hooks is based on the 3 mm material thickness. However the standard size can be doubled by using 6 mm material. Obviously 6 mm material allows for bigger sizes. The use of solid surface materials (like Corian or Himacs) will make sophisticated results.

The construction principle of the box allows for the use of material of practically any thickness (as long as it matches the hook cuff grid). For instance a 9 mm waterjet cut stainless steel object can easily be used outdoors as well.