The most functional or suitable containers are not always the most pretty ones. A possible way to make a container more visually attractive is by creating a customized cover for the container. Containers often found in private or public spaces are plant- or waste containers.

Khatt Items offers two types of (cover) containers: one that are made of three or four loose panels that can be linked together with a cuff link zipp connection, and one that is custom made from solid surface material like 12 mm Corian, or HiMacs. The loose panel models can only function as cover of a functional container, the solid surface model may work itself as functional container as well.

The material used for the loose panels model will have to be weather proof, like aluminum or stainless steel, or HPL laminate. This model can be shipped as flat pack.

The typographic or geometric decoration in the loose panels model can be laser-, or waterjet cut, or cnc routed. The decoration on the assembled solid surface model will be done by cnc machining.