Khatt Items Coasters for Pans need the use of material that is sufficiently heat resistant. Selecting wood is a option when one accepts discolouring when used with very hot pans. Solid surface material can deal with higher temperatures and certainly metals can, but the last has the disadvantage that they do not isolate the heat but transport it quite easily. That is why metal pan coasters often have ‘feet’ to create a distance with the surface of the table.

Khatt Items proposes three basic materials for its pan coasters 3 mm or 12 mm white solid surface material, or 6, 12 or 24 mm wood. The 3 mm and 6 mm material can be lasercut, thicker material has to be routed or cut by waterjet.
As basic shape a rounded square, a rounded triangle and a circle have been used in the samples, but obviously any other shape can be produced just as easy.