The Chest Boxes may store valuables or memoriablia. They are produced with cnc machines and are made of a 12 mm thick solid surface material, like Corian or Hi Macs, or of 12 – 18 mm hardwood.

The construction of the Chest boxes is simple without the use of additional metal hardware. Yet, there is a variety available with a hinged lid. The standard size box is 180 x 180 x 80 mm. The XL standard is 240 x 240 x 100 mm.

The edges can be bevelled or rounded. Bevelled edges are standard.

The thickness of the material is ideal for the application of sculptured type, either embossed (sticking out of the surface) or debossed (taken out of the surface). Khatt Items has developped for this purpose the Pyramidesfont family. On the pages showing the product options the large variety of possible application of the font will be shown.

The shape of the lid may vary: with or without a fingerhole (either square or round) and also the lid can be kept in place by a groove or by the bevelled edges.