Khatt Items Candle Holders are either produced in lasercut material or 3D printed in ceramic.

The materials selected have to be heath resistant up to a certain level. Ceramic print will do the job and for laser cutting most synthetic material will not be suitable, but solid surface material will be sufficiently heat resistant. And obviously, lasercutting out of metal is also fine for producing candle holders.

The laser cut version of the Khatt Items Candle Holders is a very simple and economic design. It can be customized with a monogram or a simple logo and can be flat packaged for transportation.

The 3D printed version has the option of adding a handle extension so the candle holder can be carried around. The Khatt Items version has also a double sided use: one side can be used for standard size candles and the opposite side for waxine candles. The customer can decide which two diameters will be most suitable to use. Also this version may be customized with a monogram or logo.