For bracelets, 3D printing is also the production method of choice.

Casting in metal will be costly, but there are a number of different plastics available for 3D print in a limited array of colours.

Most of the proposed designs are bangles: rigid bracelets that will be slipped over your hand to put it on your wrist. Your fist size will be important to get the right size for the bracelet to make this happen. In some cases an alternative option will be to divide the design into two halves that will be ‘clicked’ together, mechanically or with the help of small magnets.

An alternative is to make a combination with an existing simple, basic bracelet consisting of a clasp and a thin rod or cord of metal, plastic, rubber, or leather. These components can be bought at minimal costs and will be the functional spine of the bracelet. Attachments to this spine can be made from 3D printed materials.

Customising your item of choice is somewhat complex because the customer has a large influence on the design: the size must be defined, the thickness of the components, the colour and sometimes details allow for shape variations. Next to this, the Khatt Item designs will allow for adding texts, initials or monograms.