Khatt Items Ash Urns need to be made of weather resistant material when the urn is kept outside. Most types of wood are better suited for exclusive inside use.

Stone is a traditional material used for all memorials related to a deceased person (or animal). Stone is a very appropriate choice, but there is one disadvantage: it is hard to machine. Stone carving text is often still a job done by hand and chisel. Nevertheless, cnc machining stone is an option even for the hardest types of stone, like granite. But it will be relatively costly.

A good alternative is 12 mm solid surface material that comes in many ‘stone’like’ variaties. This material is also expensive but it is much easier to machine.

The use of soft metals, like aluminum is also an option. This type of material is also relatively easy to machine.

The Khatt Items Ash Urns also use typography as its main source of decoration.