Khatt Items is a sister company of the Khatt Books publishing house. The visual culture and design in the Middle East and North Africa are the focus of activity of both organisations. Khatt Items offers customised designed products. It does not produces products in series for retail, just exclusive, one off designs. The Latin and Arabic script are in the center of the design activities. Extensive design research is an ongoing process to create a typography specifically dedicated for a 3D environment. Dedicated fonts are developed for this purpose.

Khatt Items anticipates on an industrial environment moving towards customised and decentralised fabrication. It’s activity is making designs (for production). The priority is to sell customised digital production files and leave the customer to organise production him/herself. This procedure makes the most economic use of today’s production facilities. For instance, organising production for 3D print is extremely easy. All you need is a stl file. With that file 3D service hubs can carry out the production for competitive prices everywhere. There is no need for centralised production. That is why Khatt Items exclusively offers customised stl files for 3D printing and not the final results of those print designs.

The other two major production methods are cnc cutting or cnc machining. Cnc cutters can work with simple files carrying digital outlines. Also for this type of production, delivering digital files seem to be the best solution. Cnc machining is more complicated and needs a closer relationship between designer and producer. Within this category, end products can be delivered.

The range of product designs that can be provided is large, within the boundary of a focus on typography. Customised designs range from small personal items, like jewelry to large monumental installations. The aim of Khatt Items is to bring together the work of various designers who specialise on typography for 3D applications.